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  1. fainting(Noun)

    An act of collapsing to a state to temporary unconsciousness.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Fainting

    of Faint

  2. Fainting(noun)

    syncope, or loss of consciousness owing to a sudden arrest of the blood supply to the brain, the face becoming pallid, the respiration feeble, and the heat's beat weak


  1. Syncope

    Syncope, the medical term for fainting or passing out, is defined as a transient loss of consciousness and postural tone, characterized by rapid onset, short duration, and spontaneous recovery, due to global cerebral hypoperfusion that most often results from hypotension. This definition of syncope differs from others by including the cause of unconsciousness, i.e. transient global cerebral hypoperfusion. Without that addition, the definition of syncope would include disorders such as epileptic seizures, concussion or cerebrovascular accident. Syncope is distinguished from coma, which can include persistent states of unconsciousness. This confusion still occurs in some literature. Many forms of syncope are preceded by a prodromal state that often includes dizziness and loss of vision, loss of hearing, loss of pain and feeling, nausea and abdominal discomfort, weakness, sweating, a feeling of heat, palpitations and other phenomena, which, if they do not progress to loss of consciousness and postural tone are often denoted "presyncope". There are three broad categories of syncope: cardiogenic, reflex and orthostatic hypotension, which underlie most forms of syncope.


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