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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fa•cil•i•ta•tionfəˌsɪl ɪˈteɪ ʃən(n.)

  1. the act or process of facilitating.

  2. the lowering of resistance in a neural pathway to an impulse resulting from previous or simultaneous stimulation.

    Category: Physiology

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. facilitation(noun)

    the condition of being made easy (or easier)

    "social facilitation is an adaptive condition"

  2. facilitation(noun)

    (neurophysiology) phenomenon that occurs when two or more neural impulses that alone are not enough to trigger a response in a neuron combine to trigger an action potential

  3. facilitation(noun)

    act of assisting or making easier the progress or improvement of something


  1. facilitation(Noun)

    The act of facilitating or making easy.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Facilitation(noun)

    the act of facilitating or making easy


  1. Facilitation

    Facilitation in business, organizational development, and in consensus decision-making refers to the process of designing and running a successful meeting. Facilitation concerns itself with all the tasks needed to run a productive and impartial meeting. Facilitation serves the needs of any group who are meeting with a common purpose, whether it be making a decision, solving a problem, or simply exchanging ideas and information. It does not lead the group, nor does it try to distract or to entertain. A slightly different interpretation focuses more specifically on a group that is engaged in experiential learning. In particular this is associated with active learning and concepts of tutelary authority. This is covered in-depth in the research work of John Heron at the University of Surrey and the International Centre for Co-operative Inquiry.


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