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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

fa•cil•i•tatefəˈsɪl ɪˌteɪt(v.t.)-tat•ed, -tat•ing.

  1. to make easier or less difficult; help forward:

    Careful planning facilitates any kind of work.

  2. to assist the progress of (a person).

Origin of facilitate:

1605–15; < F faciliter < It facilitare,facility


Princeton's WordNet

  1. facilitate, ease, alleviate(verb)

    make easier

    "you could facilitate the process by sharing your knowledge"

  2. help, facilitate(verb)

    be of use

    "This will help to prevent accidents"

  3. facilitate(verb)

    increase the likelihood of (a response)

    "The stimulus facilitates a delayed impulse"


  1. facilitate(Verb)

    To make easy or easier.

  2. facilitate(Verb)

    To help bring about

  3. facilitate(Verb)

    To preside over (a meeting, a seminar)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Facilitate(verb)

    to make easy or less difficult; to free from difficulty or impediment; to lessen the labor of; as, to facilitate the execution of a task

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'facilitate' in Verbs Frequency: #792


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