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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

es•ti•mateˈɛs təˌmeɪt; -mɪt, -ˌmeɪt(v.; n.)-mat•ed, -mat•ing

  1. (v.t.)to form an approximate judgment or opinion regarding the worth, amount, size, weight, etc., of; calculate approximately:

    to estimate costs.

  2. to form an opinion of; judge.

  3. (v.i.)to make an estimate.

  4. (n.)an approximate judgment or calculation, as of the value, amount, time, size, or weight of something.

  5. a judgment or opinion, as of the qualities of a person or thing.

  6. a statement of the approximate charge for work to be done, submitted by a person or firm ready to undertake the work.

    Category: Business

Origin of estimate:

1525–35; < L aestimātus, ptp. of aestimāre to value, estimate; see -ate1


Princeton's WordNet

  1. estimate, estimation, approximation, idea(noun)

    an approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth

    "an estimate of what it would cost"; "a rough idea how long it would take"

  2. estimate, estimation(noun)

    a judgment of the qualities of something or somebody

    "many factors are involved in any estimate of human life"; "in my estimation the boy is innocent"

  3. appraisal, estimate, estimation(noun)

    a document appraising the value of something (as for insurance or taxation)

  4. estimate(noun)

    a statement indicating the likely cost of some job

    "he got an estimate from the car repair shop"

  5. estimate, estimation(verb)

    the respect with which a person is held

    "they had a high estimation of his ability"

  6. estimate, gauge, approximate, guess, judge(verb)

    judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time)

    "I estimate this chicken to weigh three pounds"

  7. calculate, estimate, reckon, count on, figure, forecast(verb)

    judge to be probable

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. estimate(noun)ˈɛs təˌmeɪt; n. -mɪt, -ˌmeɪt

    a guess of size, amount, etc.

    to make an estimate

  2. estimateˈɛs təˌmeɪt; n. -mɪt, -ˌmeɪt

    one that may not be exact

    a rough estimate of how much it will cost

  3. estimateˈɛs təˌmeɪt; n. -mɪt, -ˌmeɪt

    a judgment about the likely cost of work to be done

    He gave us an estimate for fixing the car.

  4. estimate(verb)ˈɛs təˌmeɪt; n. -mɪt, -ˌmeɪt

    to guess the amount, size, etc.

    Can you estimate how many marbles are in the jar?; We estimate that 20% of all electricity is used for lighting.


  1. estimate(Noun)

    A rough calculation or guess.

  2. estimate(Noun)

    A document (or verbal notification) specifying how much a job will probably cost.

  3. estimate(Verb)

    To calculate roughly, often from imperfect data.

  4. Origin: From aestimatus, past participle of aestimare, older form aestumare; see esteem.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Estimate(verb)

    to judge and form an opinion of the value of, from imperfect data, -- either the extrinsic (money), or intrinsic (moral), value; to fix the worth of roughly or in a general way; as, to estimate the value of goods or land; to estimate the worth or talents of a person

  2. Estimate(verb)

    to from an opinion of, as to amount,, number, etc., from imperfect data, comparison, or experience; to make an estimate of; to calculate roughly; to rate; as, to estimate the cost of a trip, the number of feet in a piece of land

  3. Estimate(noun)

    a valuing or rating by the mind, without actually measuring, weighing, or the like; rough or approximate calculation; as, an estimate of the cost of a building, or of the quantity of water in a pond

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. estimate

    1. An analysis of a foreign situation, development, or trend that identifies its major elements, interprets the significance, and appraises the future possibilities and the prospective results of the various actions that might be taken. 2. An appraisal of the capabilities, vulnerabilities, and potential courses of action of a foreign nation or combination of nations in consequence of a specific national plan, policy, decision, or contemplated course of action. 3. An analysis of an actual or contemplated clandestine operation in relation to the situation in which it is or would be conducted in order to

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'estimate' in Written Corpus Frequency: #3391

  2. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'estimate' in Nouns Frequency: #1206

  3. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'estimate' in Verbs Frequency: #401

Anagrams of estimate

  1. etatisme, étatisme, meatiest, tea-times, teatimes

  2. Teatimes

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to judge size, amount, value etc, especially roughly or without measuring

He estimated that the journey would take two hours.

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