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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ei•derˈaɪ dər(n.)

  1. Category: Ornithology

    Ref: eider duck.

  2. Ref: eiderdown.

Origin of eider:

1735–45; < Icel æthar (in 18th-cent. sp. ædar), gen. sing. of æthur eider duck

Princeton's WordNet

  1. eider, eider duck(noun)

    duck of the northern hemisphere much valued for the fine soft down of the females


  1. eider(Noun)

    Any species of sea duck of the genera Polysticta or Somateria, which lines its nest with fine down (taken from its own body).

  2. Eider(ProperNoun)

    A river in Germany, the boundary between Schleswig and Holstein.

  3. Origin: From æðar, genitive of æðr, probably reaching English via eider (now ejder).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Eider(noun)

    any species of sea duck of the genus Somateria, esp. Somateria mollissima, which breeds in the northern parts of Europe and America, and lines its nest with fine down (taken from its own body) which is an article of commerce; -- called also eider duck. The American eider (S. Dresseri), the king eider (S. spectabilis), and the spectacled eider (Arctonetta Fischeri) are related species


  1. Eider

    Eiders are large seaducks in the genus Somateria. Steller's Eider, Polysticta stelleri, is in a different genus despite its name. The three extant species all breed in the cooler latitudes of the Northern hemisphere. The down feathers of eider ducks, and some other ducks and geese, are used to fill pillows and quilts—they have given the name to the type of quilt known as an eiderdown.


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