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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ef•fec•tive*ɪˈfɛk tɪv(adj.)

  1. adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result:

    effective teaching methods.

  2. in operation or in force; functioning; operative:

    The law becomes effective at midnight.

  3. producing a deep or vivid impression; striking:

    an effective photograph.

  4. prepared and available for service, esp. military service.

    Category: Military

  5. (n.)a member of the armed forces fit for duty or active service.

    Category: Military

* Syn: effective , effectual , efficacious , efficient refer to that which produces or is able to produce an effect. effective is applied to something that produces a desired or expected effect, often a lasting one: an effective speech. effectual usu. refers to something that produces a decisive outcome or result: an effectual settlement. efficacious refers to something capable of achieving a certain end or purpose: an efficacious remedy. efficient , usu. used of a person, implies skillful accomplishment of a purpose with little waste of effort: an efficient manager.

Origin of effective:

1350–1400; ME < L effectīvus=effect(us), ptp. of efficere (see effect ) +-īvus -ive



Princeton's WordNet

  1. effectiveness, effectivity, effectualness, effectuality(noun)

    power to be effective; the quality of being able to bring about an effect


  1. effectivity(Noun)

    The ability or power to be effective.

  2. effectivity(Noun)

    A measure of the effectiveness of something.


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