Definitions for eclecticɪˈklɛk tɪk; ɪˈklɛk tə sɪst

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ec•lec•ticɪˈklɛk tɪk; ɪˈklɛk tə sɪst(adj.)

  1. selecting or choosing from various systems, methodologies, etc.; not following any one system.

  2. made up of elements selected from various sources:

    an eclectic philosophy.

Origin of eclectic:

1675–85; < Gk eklektikós selective =eklekt(ós) chosen (v. adj. of eklégein to single out =ek- ec - +légein to choose) +-ikos -ic


Princeton's WordNet

  1. eclectic, eclecticist(adj)

    someone who selects according to the eclectic method

  2. eclectic(adj)

    selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. eclectic(adjective)ɪˈklɛk tɪk

    varied, wide-ranging

    an eclectic mix of music


  1. eclectic(Noun)

    Someone who selects according to the eclectic method.

  2. eclectic(Adjective)

    Selecting a mixture of what appear to be best of various doctrines, methods or styles.

  3. eclectic(Adjective)

    Unrelated and unspecialized; heterogeneous.

  4. Origin: From éclectique, from ἐκλεκτικός, from ἐκλέγω, from ἐκ + λέγω.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Eclectic(adj)

    selecting; choosing (what is true or excellent in doctrines, opinions, etc.) from various sources or systems; as, an eclectic philosopher

  2. Eclectic(adj)

    consisting, or made up, of what is chosen or selected; as, an eclectic method; an eclectic magazine

  3. Eclectic(noun)

    one who follows an eclectic method


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