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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

du•bi•ous*ˈdu bi əs, ˈdyu-(adj.)

  1. marked by or occasioning doubt; equivocal:

    a dubious reply.

  2. of doubtful quality or propriety; questionable:

    a dubious compliment.

  3. of uncertain outcome.

  4. wavering in opinion; inclined to doubt; hesitant.

* Syn: See doubtful.

Origin of dubious:

1540–50; < L dubius; see -ous


Princeton's WordNet

  1. doubtful, dubious(adj)

    fraught with uncertainty or doubt

    "they were doubtful that the cord would hold"; "it was doubtful whether she would be admitted"; "dubious about agreeing to go"

  2. doubtful, dubious, dubitable, in question(p)(adj)

    open to doubt or suspicion

    "the candidate's doubtful past"; "he has a dubious record indeed"; "what one found uncertain the other found dubious or downright false"; "it was more than dubitable whether the friend was as influential as she thought"- Karen Horney

  3. dubious(adj)

    not convinced

    "they admitted the force of my argument but remained dubious"


  1. dubious(Adjective)

    Arousing doubt; questionable; open to suspicion.

    After he made some dubious claims about the company, fewer people trusted him.

  2. dubious(Adjective)

    In disbelief; wavering, uncertain, or hesitating in opinion; inclined to doubt; undecided.

    She was dubious about my plan at first, but later I managed to persuade her to cooperate.

  3. Origin: From dubius.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dubious(adj)

    doubtful or not settled in opinion; being in doubt; wavering or fluctuating; undetermined

  2. Dubious(adj)

    occasioning doubt; not clear, or obvious; equivocal; questionable; doubtful; as, a dubious answer

  3. Dubious(adj)

    of uncertain event or issue; as, in dubious battle

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I am dubious about the wisdom of this action.

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