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Princeton's WordNet

  1. dram, drachm, drachma(noun)

    a unit of apothecary weight equal to an eighth of an ounce or to 60 grains

  2. dram(noun)

    1/16 ounce or 1.771 grams

  3. dram(noun)

    the basic unit of money in Armenia

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dram(noun)

    a weight; in Apothecaries' weight, one eighth part of an ounce, or sixty grains; in Avoirdupois weight, one sixteenth part of an ounce, or 27.34375 grains

  2. Dram(noun)

    a minute quantity; a mite

  3. Dram(noun)

    as much spirituous liquor as is usually drunk at once; as, a dram of brandy; hence, a potation or potion; as, a dram of poison

  4. Dram(noun)

    a Persian daric

  5. Dram

    to drink drams; to ply with drams

  6. Origin: [OF. drame, F. drachme, L. drachma, drachm, drachma, fr. Gr. drachmh`, prop., a handful, fr. dra`ssesqai to grasp. Cf. Drachm, Drachma.]


  1. Dram

    The dram was originally both a coin and a weight in ancient Greece. It refers to a unit of mass in the avoirdupois system, and both a unit of mass and a unit of volume in the apothecaries' system. The unit of volume is more correctly called a fluid dram, fluid drachm, fluidram or fluidrachm.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Dram

    dram, n. a contraction of Drachm: 116th of an oz. avoirdupois: formerly, with apothecaries, ⅛th of an oz.: as much raw spirits as is drunk at once.—v.i. to drink a dram.—v.t. to give a dram to.—ns. Dram′-drink′er; Dram′-shop. [Through Fr. and L., from Gr. drachmē. See Drachma.]

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    The numerical value of dram in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

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    The numerical value of dram in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

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