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  1. draba(noun)

    any of numerous low-growing cushion-forming plants of the genus Draba having rosette-forming leaves and terminal racemes of small flowers with scapose or leafy stems; fruit is a dehiscent oblong or linear silique

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  1. Draba

    Draba is a large genus of flowering plants in the cabbage family Brassicaceae, commonly known as whitlow-grasses. There are over 400 species: ⁕Draba abajoensis Windham & Al-Shehbaz ⁕Draba × abiskoensis O.E.Schulz ⁕Draba × abiskojokkensis O.E.Schulz ⁕Draba acaulis Boiss. ⁕Draba affghanica Boiss. ⁕Draba aizoides L. ⁕Draba alajica Litv. ⁕Draba alberti Regel & Schmalh. ⁕Draba albertina Greene ⁕Draba alchemilloides Gilg ⁕Draba × algida Adams ex DC. ⁕Draba alpina L. ⁕Draba altaica Bunge ⁕Draba alticola Kom. ⁕Draba alyssoides Humb. & Bonpl. ex DC. ⁕Draba × amandae O.E.Schulz ⁕Draba × ambigua Ledeb. ⁕Draba amoena O.E.Schulz ⁕Draba amplexicaulis Franch. ⁕Draba aprica Beadle ⁕Draba arabisans Michx. ⁕Draba araboides Wedd. ⁕Draba araratica Rupr. ⁕Draba arauquensis Santana ⁕Draba arbuscula Hook.f. ⁕Draba arctogena Ekman ⁕Draba aretioides Humb. & Bonpl. ex DC. ⁕Draba argentifolia Al-Shehbaz ⁕Draba argyrea Rydb. ⁕Draba arida C.L.Hitchc. ⁕Draba arseniewii Gilg ex Tolm. ⁕Draba aspera Bertol. ⁕Draba × asplundii O.E.Schulz ⁕Draba asprella Greene ⁕Draba asterophora Payson ⁕Draba atacamensis Gilg ⁕Draba atuelica Chodat & Wilczek


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