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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

dom•i•nateˈdɒm əˌneɪt(v.)-nat•ed, -nat•ing.

  1. (v.t.)to rule over; control.

  2. to tower above; overlook.

  3. to be the major factor or influence in.

  4. Math. (of a series, vector, etc.) to have terms or components greater in absolute value than the corresponding terms or components of a given series, vector, etc.

  5. (v.i.)to exercise power or control; predominate; rule.

  6. to occupy a commanding or elevated position.

Origin of dominate:

1605–15; < L dominātus, ptp. of dominārī to master, control



  1. dominator(Noun)

    One who dominates.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dominator(noun)

    a ruler or ruling power


  1. Dominator

    In computer science, in control flow graphs, a node d dominates a node n if every path from the start node to n must go through d. Notationally, this is written as d dom n. By definition, every node dominates itself. There are a number of related concepts: ⁕A node d strictly dominates a node n if d dominates n and d does not equal n. ⁕The immediate dominator or idom of a node n is the unique node that strictly dominates n but does not strictly dominate any other node that strictly dominates n. Not all nodes have immediate dominators. ⁕The dominance frontier of a node d is the set of all nodes n such that d dominates an immediate predecessor of n, but d does not strictly dominate n. It is the set of nodes where d's dominance stops. ⁕A dominator tree is a tree where each node's children are those nodes it immediately dominates. Because the immediate dominator is unique, it is a tree. The start node is the root of the tree.

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