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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. distinguished as not being the same; separate.

  2. different in nature or quality; dissimilar (sometimes fol. by from):

    Gold is distinct from iron.

  3. clear to the senses or intellect; plain; unmistakable:

    a distinct shape.

  4. unquestionably notable:

    a distinct honor.

  5. Archaic. distinctively decorated.

* Syn: See various.

Origin of distinct:

1350–1400; < L distinctus, ptp. of disting(u)ere to divide off, pick out, distinguish (di-di -2+*sting(u)ere presumably, to prick, mark by pricking.


Princeton's WordNet

  1. distinct, distinguishable(adj)

    (often followed by `from') not alike; different in nature or quality

    "plants of several distinct types"; "the word `nationalism' is used in at least two distinct senses"; "gold is distinct from iron"; "a tree related to but quite distinct from the European beech"; "management had interests quite distinct from those of their employees"

  2. distinct(adj)

    easy to perceive; especially clearly outlined

    "a distinct flavor"; "a distinct odor of turpentine"; "a distinct outline"; "the ship appeared as a distinct silhouette"; "distinct fingerprints"

  3. discrete, distinct(adj)

    constituting a separate entity or part

    "a government with three discrete divisions"; "on two distinct occasions"

  4. distinct, decided(adj)

    recognizable; marked

    "noticed a distinct improvement"; "at a distinct (or decided) disadvantage"

  5. clear-cut, distinct, trenchant(adj)

    clearly or sharply defined to the mind

    "clear-cut evidence of tampering"; "Claudius was the first to invade Britain with distinct...intentions of conquest"; "trenchant distinctions between right and wrong"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. distinct(adjective)ɪˈstɪŋkt

    separate or well-defined

    two distinct views on this issue; Is jealousy distinct from hatred?

  2. distinctɪˈstɪŋkt

    clear or easy to notice

    I could hear the distinct sound of horses hooves.; images that were not distinct

  3. distinctɪˈstɪŋkt

    definite or very likely

    Failure of the bank is a distinct possibility.


  1. distinct(Adjective)

    Very clear.

    Her voice was distinct despite the heavy traffic.

  2. distinct(Adjective)

    Different from one another.

    The letters in the word "clear" are distinct, while the letters in the word "distinct" are not.

  3. distinct(Adjective)

    Noticeably different.

    Olga's voice is quite distinct because of her accent.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Distinct(adj)

    distinguished; having the difference marked; separated by a visible sign; marked out; specified

  2. Distinct(adj)

    marked; variegated

  3. Distinct(adj)

    separate in place; not conjunct; not united by growth or otherwise; -- with from

  4. Distinct(adj)

    not identical; different; individual

  5. Distinct(adj)

    so separated as not to be confounded with any other thing; not liable to be misunderstood; not confused; well-defined; clear; as, we have a distinct or indistinct view of a prospect

  6. Distinct(verb)

    to distinguish


  1. Distinct

    Two or more things are distinct if no two of them are the same thing. In mathematics, two things are called distinct if they are not equal. In physics two things are distinct if they cannot be mapped to each other.

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'distinct' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #3069

  2. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'distinct' in Adjectives Frequency: #423

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


easily seen, heard or noticed

There are distinct differences between the two; Her voice is very distinct.

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