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  1. distribute, administer, mete out, deal, parcel out, lot, dispense, shell out, deal out, dish out, allot, dole out(verb)

    administer or bestow, as in small portions

    "administer critical remarks to everyone present"; "dole out some money"; "shell out pocket money for the children"; "deal a blow to someone"; "the machine dispenses soft drinks"

  2. dispense(verb)

    grant a dispensation; grant an exemption

    "I was dispensed from this terrible task"

  3. administer, dispense(verb)

    give or apply (medications)

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  1. dispense(Noun)

    Cost, expenditure.

  2. dispense(Noun)

    The act of dispensing, dispensation.

  3. dispense(Verb)

    To issue, distribute, or put out.

  4. dispense(Verb)

    To supply or make up a medicine or prescription.

  5. dispense(Verb)

    To eliminate or do withoutu2013used intransitively with with.

    I wish he would dispense with the pleasantries and get to the point.

  6. dispense(Verb)

    To give a dispensation to (someone) to do something against the law.

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  1. Dispense(verb)

    to deal out in portions; to distribute; to give; as, the steward dispenses provisions according directions; Nature dispenses her bounties; to dispense medicines

  2. Dispense(verb)

    to apply, as laws to particular cases; to administer; to execute; to manage; to direct

  3. Dispense(verb)

    to pay for; to atone for

  4. Dispense(verb)

    to exempt; to excuse; to absolve; -- with from

  5. Dispense(verb)

    to compensate; to make up; to make amends

  6. Dispense(verb)

    to give dispensation

  7. Dispense(verb)

    dispensation; exemption

  8. Dispense(noun)

    expense; profusion; outlay

  9. Origin: [OF. despense, F. dpense.]

Translations for dispense

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • минавам без, раздавам, разпределямBulgarian
  • verteilen, austeilen, dosieren, ausgeben, abgebenGerman
  • jakaa, jättää väliin, tarjota, ohittaa, antaaFinnish
  • émettre, doser, distribuer, éliminer, partager, dispenserFrench
  • tuariMāori
  • afschaffen, uitdelen, uitgeven, doseren, verdelenDutch
  • undvara, lösa, utminutera, frita, dela ut, frikalla, fördela, skriva ut, utge, vara utan, dosera, förmedla, förskriva, ge ut, avvara, utdelaSwedish
  • tevzi etmek, dağıtmak, hazırlamak, bırakmakTurkish

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