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  1. dialogue, dialog, duologue(noun)

    a conversation between two persons

  2. dialogue, dialog(noun)

    the lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction

  3. dialogue, dialog(noun)

    a literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people

    "he has read Plato's Dialogues in the original Greek"


  1. dialog(Noun)

    A conversation or other form of discourse between two or more individuals.

    Bill and Melinda maintained a dialogue via email over the course of their long-distance relationship.

  2. dialog(Noun)

    In a dramatic or literary presentation, the verbal parts of the script or text; the verbalizations of the actors or characters.

    The movie had great special effects, but the dialogue was lackluster.

  3. dialog(Noun)

    A literary form, where the presentation resembles a conversation.

    A literary historian, she specialized in the dialogues of ancient Greek philosophers.

  4. dialog(Noun)

    A dialog box.

  5. dialog(Verb)

    To discuss or negotiate so that all parties can reach an understanding.

    Pearson wanted to dialogue with his overseas counterparts about the new reporting requirements.

  6. Origin: From dialog, from διάλογος, from διά + λόγος, from διαλέγομαι, from διά + λέγειν.


  1. Dialog

    Dialog is an online information service owned by ProQuest, who acquired it from Thomson Reuters in mid-2008. Dialog was one of the predecessors of the World Wide Web as a provider of information, though not in form. The earliest form of the Dialog system was completed in 1966 under the direction of Roger K. Summit. According to its literature, it was "the world's first online information retrieval system to be used globally with materially significant databases". In the 1980s, a low-priced dial-up version of a subset of Dialog was marketed to individual users as Knowledge Index. This subset included INSPEC, MathSciNet, over 200 other bibliographic and reference databases, as well as third-party retrieval vendors who would go to physical libraries to copy materials for a fee and send it to the service subscriber.

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