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Princeton's WordNet

  1. determine, find, find out, ascertain(verb)

    establish after a calculation, investigation, experiment, survey, or study

    "find the product of two numbers"; "The physicist who found the elusive particle won the Nobel Prize"

  2. determine, shape, mold, influence, regulate(verb)

    shape or influence; give direction to

    "experience often determines ability"; "mold public opinion"

  3. determine, set(verb)

    fix conclusively or authoritatively

    "set the rules"

  4. specify, set, determine, define, fix, limit(verb)

    decide upon or fix definitely

    "fix the variables"; "specify the parameters"

  5. decide, make up one's mind, determine(verb)

    reach, make, or come to a decision about something

    "We finally decided after lengthy deliberations"

  6. determine(verb)

    fix in scope; fix the boundaries of

    "the tree determines the border of the property"

  7. settle, square off, square up, determine(verb)

    settle conclusively; come to terms

    "We finally settled the argument"

  8. determine, check, find out, see, ascertain, watch, learn(verb)

    find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort

    "I want to see whether she speaks French"; "See whether it works"; "find out if he speaks Russian"; "Check whether the train leaves on time"


  1. determine(Verb)

    To set the limits of.

  2. determine(Verb)

    To ascertain definitely; to figure out.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Determine(verb)

    to fix the boundaries of; to mark off and separate

  2. Determine(verb)

    to set bounds to; to fix the determination of; to limit; to bound; to bring to an end; to finish

  3. Determine(verb)

    to fix the form or character of; to shape; to prescribe imperatively; to regulate; to settle

  4. Determine(verb)

    to fix the course of; to impel and direct; -- with a remoter object preceded by to; as, another's will determined me to this course

  5. Determine(verb)

    to ascertain definitely; to find out the specific character or name of; to assign to its true place in a system; as, to determine an unknown or a newly discovered plant or its name

  6. Determine(verb)

    to bring to a conclusion, as a question or controversy; to settle authoritative or judicial sentence; to decide; as, the court has determined the cause

  7. Determine(verb)

    to resolve on; to have a fixed intention of; also, to cause to come to a conclusion or decision; to lead; as, this determined him to go immediately

  8. Determine(verb)

    to define or limit by adding a differentia

  9. Determine(verb)

    to ascertain the presence, quantity, or amount of; as, to determine the parallax; to determine the salt in sea water

  10. Determine(verb)

    to come to an end; to end; to terminate

  11. Determine(verb)

    to come to a decision; to decide; to resolve; -- often with on

  12. Origin: [F. dterminer, L. determinare, determinatum; de + terminare limit, terminus limit. See Term.]

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'determine' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #2585

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'determine' in Written Corpus Frequency: #4445

  3. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'determine' in Verbs Frequency: #188

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Tom Zegan:

    Cultural Values Determine Behavior.

  2. Daniel Plotkin:

    It can be very difficult to determine.

  3. The NTSB:

    That’s exactly what we want to determine.

  4. Mehmet Murat ildan:

    Your mind and your luck determine your destiny!

  5. Security Cesar Angulo:

    Aeronautical experts will have to determine that.

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