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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

de•lin•e•atedɪˈlɪn iˌeɪt(v.t.)-at•ed, -at•ing.

  1. to trace the outline of; represent pictorially.

  2. to portray in words; describe with precision.

Origin of delineate:

1550–60; < L dēlīneātus, ptp. of dēlīneāre=- de - +līneāre to mark with lines


Princeton's WordNet

  1. delineated, represented, delineate(verb)

    represented accurately or precisely

  2. define, delineate(verb)

    show the form or outline of

    "The tree was clearly defined by the light"; "The camera could define the smallest object"

  3. specify, define, delineate, delimit, delimitate(verb)

    determine the essential quality of

  4. delineate, limn, outline(verb)

    trace the shape of

  5. trace, draw, line, describe, delineate(verb)

    make a mark or lines on a surface

    "draw a line"; "trace the outline of a figure in the sand"

  6. delineate(verb)

    describe in vivid detail


  1. delineate(Verb)

    To sketch out, draw or trace an outline.

  2. delineate(Verb)

    To depict, represent with pictures.

  3. delineate(Verb)

    To describe or depict with words or gestures.

  4. delineate(Verb)

    To outline or mark out.

  5. Origin: From delineatus, past participle of delineo, from de- + linea

Webster Dictionary

  1. Delineate(adj)

    delineated; portrayed

  2. Delineate(verb)

    to indicate by lines drawn in the form or figure of; to represent by sketch, design, or diagram; to sketch out; to portray; to picture; in drawing and engraving, to represent in lines, as with the pen, pencil, or graver; hence, to represent with accuracy and minuteness. See Delineation

  3. Delineate(verb)

    to portray to the mind or understanding by words; to set forth; to describe


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