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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

dec•li•na•tionˌdɛk ləˈneɪ ʃən(n.)

  1. a bending, sloping, or moving downward.

  2. Ref: deterioration.

  3. deviation, as from a standard.

  4. a polite refusal.

  5. the angular distance of a heavenly body from the celestial equator, measured on the great circle passing through the celestial pole and the body.

    Category: Astronomy

  6. Category: Navy

    Ref: variation (def. 8). 8

Origin of declination:

1350–1400; declinacioun < OF declinacion < L dēclīnātiō <dēclīnā(re) (see decline )

Princeton's WordNet

  1. decline, declination(noun)

    a condition inferior to an earlier condition; a gradual falling off from a better state

  2. descent, declivity, fall, decline, declination, declension, downslope(noun)

    a downward slope or bend

  3. declination, celestial latitude, dec(noun)

    (astronomy) the angular distance of a celestial body north or to the south of the celestial equator; expressed in degrees; used with right ascension to specify positions on the celestial sphere

  4. declination, regrets(noun)

    a polite refusal of an invitation


  1. declination(Noun)

    At a given point, the angle between magnetic north and true north.

  2. declination(Noun)

    At a given point, the angle between the line connecting this point with the geographical center of the earth and the equatorial plane.

  3. declination(Noun)

    A refusal.

  4. declination(Noun)


  5. declination(Noun)


  6. Origin: From declinacioun, from declination, from declinatio.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Declination(noun)

    the act or state of bending downward; inclination; as, declination of the head

  2. Declination(noun)

    the act or state of falling off or declining from excellence or perfection; deterioration; decay; decline

  3. Declination(noun)

    the act of deviating or turning aside; oblique motion; obliquity; withdrawal

  4. Declination(noun)

    the act or state of declining or refusing; withdrawal; refusal; averseness

  5. Declination(noun)

    the angular distance of any object from the celestial equator, either northward or southward

  6. Declination(noun)

    the arc of the horizon, contained between the vertical plane and the prime vertical circle, if reckoned from the east or west, or between the meridian and the plane, reckoned from the north or south

  7. Declination(noun)

    the act of inflecting a word; declension. See Decline, v. t., 4


  1. Declination

    In astronomy, declination is one of the two angles that locate a point on the celestial sphere in the equatorial coordinate system, the other being hour angle. Declination's angle is measured north or south of the celestial equator, along the hour circle passing through the point in question. The root of word the declination means "a bending away" or "a bending down". It comes from the same root as the words incline and recline.

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. declination

    The angular distance to a body on the celestial sphere measured north or south through 90 degrees from the celestial equator along the hour circle of the body. Comparable to latitude on the terrestrial sphere. See also magnetic declination; magnetic variation.

Anagrams of declination

  1. nonciliated

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