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Princeton's WordNet

  1. decode, decrypt, decipher(verb)

    convert code into ordinary language

  2. decipher, trace(verb)

    read with difficulty

    "Can you decipher this letter?"; "The archeologist traced the hieroglyphs"


  1. decipher(Verb)

    To decode or decrypt a code or cipher to plain text.

  2. decipher(Verb)

    To read text that is almost illegible or obscure.

  3. decipher(Verb)

    To find a solution to a problem.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Decipher(verb)

    to translate from secret characters or ciphers into intelligible terms; as, to decipher a letter written in secret characters

  2. Decipher(verb)

    to find out, so as to be able to make known the meaning of; to make out or read, as words badly written or partly obliterated; to detect; to reveal; to unfold

  3. Decipher(verb)

    to stamp; to detect; to discover

  4. Origin: [Pref. de- + cipher. Formed in imitation of F. dchiffrer. See Cipher.]


  1. Decipher

    Decipher is a speculative fiction novel by Stel Pavlou, published in 2001 in England by Simon and Schuster and 2002 in the United States by St. Martin's Press. It is published in many languages with some significant title changes. The Italian and Russian editions have the title Il codice di Atlantide, while the German edition is called Code Zero. The novel is about a fictional linguist, Richard Scott, and an assembled team of specialists who are in a race against time to crack a code found on ancient monuments around the world before an impending cataclysm predicted in mythology can strike. The story centers on the ancient city of Atlantis and features other mythical sites such as the Hall of Records. Decipher was longlisted in the UK for the W.H. Smith Best New Talent Award 2002.

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