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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

de•ceive*dɪˈsiv(v.)-ceived, -ceiv•ing.

  1. (v.t.)to mislead by a false appearance or statement; trick.

  2. to be unfaithful to (one's spouse or lover).

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  3. Archaic. to while away (time).

  4. (v.i.)to practice deceit.

* Syn: See cheat.

Origin of deceive:

1250–1300; ME < OF deceivre < L dēcipere lit., to ensnare


Princeton's WordNet

  1. deceive, lead on, delude, cozen(verb)

    be false to; be dishonest with

  2. deceive, betray, lead astray(verb)

    cause someone to believe an untruth

    "The insurance company deceived me when they told me they were covering my house"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. deceive(verb)ɪˈsiv

    to deliberately mislead; = trick

    They had been deceived by their leaders; deceived into thinking sth

  2. deceiveɪˈsiv

    to not admit to yourself that sth is true

    If you think she loves you, you're deceiving yourself.


  1. deceive(Verb)

    To trick or mislead.

  2. Origin: deceyven, from deceivre (Modern French décevoir), from decipere, from de- + capere; see captive. Compare conceive, perceive, receive.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Deceive(verb)

    to lead into error; to cause to believe what is false, or disbelieve what is true; to impose upon; to mislead; to cheat; to disappoint; to delude; to insnare

  2. Deceive(verb)

    to beguile; to amuse, so as to divert the attention; to while away; to take away as if by deception

  3. Deceive(verb)

    to deprive by fraud or stealth; to defraud

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to mislead or cause to make mistakes, usually by giving or suggesting false information

He was deceived by her innocent appearance.

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