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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

dankdæŋk(adj.)-er, -est.

  1. unpleasantly moist or humid; damp and, often, chilly:

    a dank cellar.

Origin of dank:

1350–1400; ME, prob. < Scand


Princeton's WordNet

  1. clammy, dank(adj)

    unpleasantly cool and humid

    "a clammy handshake"; "clammy weather"; "a dank cellar"; "dank rain forests"


  1. dank(Noun)

    A small silver coin formerly used in Persia.

  2. dank(Verb)

    To moisten, dampen; used of mist, dew etc.

  3. dank(Adjective)

    dark, damp and humid.

    The dank cave was chilly and spooky.

  4. dank(Adjective)

    highly potent

    That was very dank marijuana.

  5. Origin: From danke, first recorded circa 1310 (as verb; circa 1410 as noun), Germanic: perhaps from Scandinavian or .

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dank(adj)

    damp; moist; humid; wet

  2. Dank(noun)

    moisture; humidity; water

  3. Dank(noun)

    a small silver coin current in Persia

Anagrams of dank

  1. D. Kan., NKDA

Translations for dank

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


thank you

Thanks (very much) for your present; Thanks a lot!; No, thanks; Yes, thanks.

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