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Princeton's WordNet

  1. damsel, demoiselle, damoiselle, damosel, damozel(noun)

    a young unmarried woman


  1. damsel(Noun)

    A young woman .

  2. damsel(Noun)

    A girl; a maiden .

Webster Dictionary

  1. Damsel(noun)

    a young person, either male or female, of noble or gentle extraction; as, Damsel Pepin; Damsel Richard, Prince of Wales

  2. Damsel(noun)

    a young unmarried woman; a girl; a maiden

  3. Damsel(noun)

    an attachment to a millstone spindle for shaking the hopper

  4. Origin: [OE. damosel, damesel, damisel, damsel, fr. OF. damoisele, damisele, gentlewoman, F. demoiselle young lady; cf. OF. damoisel young nobleman, F. damoiseau; fr. LL. domicella, dominicella, fem., domicellus, dominicellus, masc., dim. fr. L. domina, dominus. See Dame, and cf. Demoiselle, Doncella.]

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Joe Wright:

    I was particularly keen to make sure Tiger Lily wasn't a damsel in distress, tiger Lily is the bad-ass warrior who is far more pro-active physically in defeating (evil pirate) Blackbeard than any of the boys. She has all the action sequences.

  2. Priya Wal:

    When you play a character, you put parts of you in it. But I am a very different person off-screen. I am not so boisterous and not so tomboyish, in fact my friends bully me and I am like a damsel in distress. When you do a TV show, you become the character as you end up spending 14-15 hours on the sets.

  3. Cervantes:

    Poesy is a beauteous damsel, chaste, honourable, discreet, witty, retired, and who keeps herself within the limits of propriety. She is a friend of solitude; fountains entertain her, meadows console her, woods free her from ennui, flowers delight her; in short, she gives pleasure and instruction to all with whom she communicates.

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Translations for damsel

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • plac'h, merc'hBreton
  • geneth, rhiain, merchWelsh
  • ungmoDanish
  • Mädchen, JungfrauGerman
  • doncella, muchachaSpanish
  • neito, impi, immyt, neitsytFinnish
  • jeune fille, demoiselle, jeune femmeFrench
  • ainnir, maighdean, cailínIrish
  • maighdeann, nighean, rìbhinn, ainnirScottish Gaelic
  • עלמהHebrew
  • damzeloIdo
  • dziewicaPolish
  • fecioară, feciorRomanian
  • мадемуазе́ль, де́вушка, деви́ца, ба́рышня, де́вочка, де́вственница, да́мочкаRussian
  • ungmö, flickaSwedish
  • அந்தப் பெண்Tamil

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