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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

cra•venˈkreɪ vən(adj.)

  1. cowardly; contemptibly timid.

  2. (n.)a coward.

Origin of craven:

1175–1225; ME cravant,cravaunde defeated < OF craventé, ptp. of cravanter to crush, overwhelm


Princeton's WordNet

  1. poltroon, craven, recreant(adj)

    an abject coward

  2. craven, recreant(adj)

    lacking even the rudiments of courage; abjectly fearful

    "the craven fellow turned and ran"; "a craven proposal to raise the white flag"; "this recreant knight"- Spenser


  1. craven(Noun)

    A confessed coward.

  2. craven(Verb)

    To make craven.

  3. craven(Adjective)

    Unwilling to fight; lacking even the rudiments of courage; extremely cowardly.

  4. Origin: From craven

Webster Dictionary

  1. Craven(adj)

    cowardly; fainthearted; spiritless

  2. Craven(noun)

    a recreant; a coward; a weak-hearted, spiritless fellow. See Recreant, n

  3. Craven(verb)

    to make recreant, weak, spiritless, or cowardly


  1. Craven

    Craven is currently the name of a local government district in North Yorkshire, England that began in 1974, centred on the market town of Skipton. Craven district was formed as the merger of Skipton urban district, Settle Rural District and most of Skipton Rural District, all in the West Riding of Yorkshire. It comprises the upper reaches of Airedale, Wharfedale, Ribblesdale, and includes most of the Aire Gap and Craven Basin. Additionally, the name Craven is much older than the modern district, and once encompassed a larger area. This history is also reflected in the way the term is still commonly used, for example by the Church of England.

Anagrams of craven

  1. carven

  2. cavern

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