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  1. counterfeit, forgery(adj)

    a copy that is represented as the original

  2. counterfeit, imitative(verb)

    not genuine; imitating something superior

    "counterfeit emotion"; "counterfeit money"; "counterfeit works of art"; "a counterfeit prince"

  3. forge, fake, counterfeit(verb)

    make a copy of with the intent to deceive

    "he faked the signature"; "they counterfeited dollar bills"; "She forged a Green Card"

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  1. counterfeit(Noun)

    A non-genuine article; a fake.

  2. counterfeit(Noun)

    One who counterfeits; a counterfeiter.

  3. counterfeit(Verb)

    To falsely produce what appears to be official or valid; to produce a forged copy of.

  4. counterfeit(Verb)

    To produce a faithful copy of.

  5. counterfeit(Verb)

    To feign.

  6. counterfeit(Verb)

    Of a turn or river card, to invalidate a player's hand by making a better hand on the board.

  7. counterfeit(Adjective)

    False, especially of money; intended to deceive or carry appearance of being genuine.

    This counterfeit watch looks like the real thing, but it broke a week after I bought it.

  8. counterfeit(Adjective)


  9. Origin: countrefait, from continental contrefait.

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  1. Counterfeit(adverb)

    representing by imitation or likeness; having a resemblance to something else; portrayed

  2. Counterfeit(adverb)

    fabricated in imitation of something else, with a view to defraud by passing the false copy for genuine or original; as, counterfeit antiques; counterfeit coin

  3. Counterfeit(adverb)

    assuming the appearance of something; false; spurious; deceitful; hypocritical; as, a counterfeit philanthropist

  4. Counterfeit(noun)

    that which resembles or is like another thing; a likeness; a portrait; a counterpart

  5. Counterfeit(noun)

    that which is made in imitation of something, with a view to deceive by passing the false for the true; as, the bank note was a counterfeit

  6. Counterfeit(noun)

    one who pretends to be what he is not; one who personates another; an impostor; a cheat

  7. Counterfeit(verb)

    to imitate, or put on a semblance of; to mimic; as, to counterfeit the voice of another person

  8. Counterfeit(verb)

    to imitate with a view to deceiving, by passing the copy for that which is original or genuine; to forge; as, to counterfeit the signature of another, coins, notes, etc

  9. Counterfeit(verb)

    to carry on a deception; to dissemble; to feign; to pretend

  10. Counterfeit(verb)

    to make counterfeits

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  1. Counterfeit

    To counterfeit means to imitate something. Counterfeit products are fake replicas of the real product. Counterfeit products are often produced with the intent to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product. The word counterfeit frequently describes both the forgeries of currency and documents, as well as the imitations of works of art, toys, clothing, software, pharmaceuticals, watches, electronics, handbags and shoes. Counterfeit products have a fake company logos and brands. In the case of goods, it results in patent infringement or trademark infringement. Illegal drugs may also be counterfeit, e.g. by passing off baking soda as cocaine, a scam which relies on the naivete of the buyer. Counterfeit consumer products have a reputation for being low quality. The counterfeiting of money is usually attacked aggressively by governments. The counterfeiting of goods is condoned by some governments. Counterfeit money is the most popular product counterfeited.

Translations for counterfeit

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • vervals, namaakAfrikaans
  • ялғанBashkir
  • подправен, фалшификация, фалшив, фалшифицирам, подправямBulgarian
  • Fälschung, fälschen, falsch, gefälschtGerman
  • πλαστογραφώ, πλαστός, κίβδηλος, ψεύτικος, παραχαράσσωGreek
  • contrahecho, contrahacer, falsificar, falsificado, contrahechuraSpanish
  • جعلیPersian
  • väärentää, väärä, jäljitelmä, väärennetty, väärennös, jäljiteltyFinnish
  • contrefaçon, contrefaire, contrefaitFrench
  • מזויףHebrew
  • खोटा, जाली, नक़लHindi
  • hamis, hamisítvány, hamisítottHungarian
  • contraffare, contraffazione, falso, imitazione, falsificareItalian
  • フェイク, 偽物Japanese
  • ყალბიGeorgian
  • ក្លែងក្លាយ, របស់ក្លែងKhmer
  • namaken, vervalst, namaak, nep, vervalsing, vervalsenDutch
  • fałszować, podróbka, podrobiony, falsyfikat, sfałszowany, podrabiaćPolish
  • falso, contrafação, falsificar, contrafazer, falsificaçãoPortuguese
  • фальшивый, подделка, контрафактный, поддельный, подделать, подделывать, фальшивкаRussian
  • प्रातिरूपिकSanskrit
  • неаутентичан, лажанSerbo-Croatian
  • förfalskad, förfalskning, förfalskaSwedish
  • bandiaSwahili
  • ของปลอมThai

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