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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

com•radeˈkɒm ræd, -rɪd(n.)

  1. a person who shares in one's activities, occupation, etc.; companion, associate, or friend.

  2. a fellow member of a fraternal group, political party, etc.

    Category: Government

  3. (often cap.) a Communist or fellow Communist.

    Category: Government

Origin of comrade:

1585–95; < MF camarade < Sp camarada group of soldiers billeted together


Princeton's WordNet

  1. companion, comrade, fellow, familiar, associate(noun)

    a friend who is frequently in the company of another

    "drinking companions"; "comrades in arms"

  2. Comrade(noun)

    a fellow member of the Communist Party

  3. brother, comrade(noun)

    used as a term of address for those male persons engaged in the same movement

    "Greetings, comrade!"


  1. comrade(Noun)

    A mate, companion, or associate.

  2. comrade(Noun)

    A companion in battle, fellow soldier.

  3. comrade(Noun)

    A fellow socialist or Communist.

  4. comrade(Noun)

    (As a title replacing "Mr", "Mrs", "Miss", "Ms" etc in leftwing circles) Comrade Lenin

    Hello comrade, are you going to the CPC meeting?

  5. Origin: From late comered, from camerade, from camerata, from *, from camara, camera; see chamber. Compare camaraderie.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Comrade(noun)

    a mate, companion, or associate


  1. Comrade

    Comrade means "friend", "colleague", or "ally". The word comes from French camarade and this French word has it roots in the Spanish term camarada. The term is frequently used by left-wing organizations around the globe. "Comrade" has often become a stock phrase and form of address. This word has its regional equivalents available in many languages.

Anagrams of comrade

  1. caromed

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a close companion

his comrades in battle.

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