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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

col•larˈkɒl ər(n.)

  1. the part of a shirt, coat, dress, blouse, etc., that encompasses the neckline of the garment and is sewn permanently to it, often so as to fold or roll over.

    Category: Clothing

  2. a similar but separate, detachable article of clothing worn around the neck or at the neckline of a garment.

    Category: Clothing

    Ref: Compare clerical collar.

  3. anything worn or placed around the neck.

  4. a leather or metal band or a chain, fastened around the neck of an animal, used esp. as a means of restraint or identification.

  5. the part of the harness that fits across the withers and over the shoulders of a draft animal.

  6. Zool. any of various collarlike markings or structures around the neck; torque.

    Category: Zoology

  7. a raised area of metal for reinforcing a weld. a raised rim at the end of a roll in a rolling mill to check lateral expansion of the metal being rolled.

    Category: Metallurgy

  8. a short ring formed on or fastened over a rod or shaft as a locating or holding part.

    Category: Machinery

  9. the upper rim of a borehole, shot hole, or mine shaft.

    Category: Mining

  10. an arrest; capture.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Informal

  11. (v.t.)to put a collar on; furnish with a collar.

  12. to seize by the collar or neck.

  13. to detain in conversation.

  14. to place under arrest.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Informal

Origin of collar:

1250–1300; ME coler < AF; OF colier < L collāre neckband, collar


Princeton's WordNet

  1. collar, neckband(noun)

    a band that fits around the neck and is usually folded over

  2. collar(noun)

    (zoology) an encircling band or marking around the neck of any animal

  3. collar(noun)

    anything worn or placed about the neck

    "the thief was forced to wear a heavy wooden collar"; "a collar of flowers was placed about the neck of the winning horse"

  4. collar(noun)

    a short ring fastened over a rod or shaft to limit, guide, or secure a machine part

  5. collar, shoe collar(noun)

    the stitching that forms the rim of a shoe or boot

  6. collar(noun)

    a band of leather or rope that is placed around an animal's neck as a harness or to identify it

  7. choker, collar, dog collar, neckband(noun)

    necklace that fits tightly around a woman's neck

  8. collar, leash(noun)

    a figurative restraint

    "asked for a collar on program trading in the stock market"; "kept a tight leash on his emotions"; "he's always gotten a long leash"

  9. apprehension, arrest, catch, collar, pinch, taking into custody(verb)

    the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal)

    "the policeman on the beat got credit for the collar"

  10. collar, nail, apprehend, arrest, pick up, nab, cop(verb)

    take into custody

    "the police nabbed the suspected criminals"

  11. collar(verb)

    seize by the neck or collar

  12. collar(verb)

    furnish with a collar

    "collar the dog"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. collar(noun)ˈkɒl ər

    the part of a shirt that folds over at the neck

    with his collar unbuttoned

  2. collarˈkɒl ər

    a strap fastened around an animal's neck

    a dog collar


  1. collar(Noun)

    The part of an upper garment (shirt, jacket...) that fits around the neck and throat, especially if sewn from a separate piece of fabric.

  2. collar(Noun)

    A decorative band or other fabric around the neckline

  3. collar(Noun)

    A chain worn around the neck

  4. collar(Noun)

    A similar detachable item

  5. collar(Noun)

    Anything that encircles the neck.

  6. collar(Noun)

    A band or chain around an animal's neck, used to restrain and/or identifie it.

    Make sure your dog has a collar holding an identification tag.

  7. collar(Noun)

    A part of harness designed to distribute the load around the shoulders of a draft animal.

  8. collar(Noun)

    Any encircling device or structure.

    A nylon collar kept the bolt from damaging the surface underneath.

  9. collar(Noun)

    Of or pertaining to a certain category of professions as symbolized by typical clothing.

  10. collar(Verb)

    To grab or seize by the collar or neck.

  11. collar(Verb)

    To place a collar on, to fit with one.

    Collar and leash agressive dogs.

  12. collar(Verb)

    To seize, capture or detain.

  13. collar(Verb)

    To preempt, control stringently and exclusively.

  14. collar(Verb)

    To arrest.

  15. collar(Verb)

    To bind in conversation.

    I managed to collar Fred in the office for an hour.

  16. collar(Noun)

    A physical device to prevent operation of a mechanical signal lever.

  17. Origin: From coler, from coler (Modern French collier, col), from collare, from collum. Cognate with , heals. More at halse.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Collar(noun)

    something worn round the neck, whether for use, ornament, restraint, or identification; as, the collar of a coat; a lady's collar; the collar of a dog

  2. Collar(noun)

    a ring or cincture

  3. Collar(noun)

    a collar beam

  4. Collar(noun)

    the neck or line of junction between the root of a plant and its stem

  5. Collar(noun)

    an ornament worn round the neck by knights, having on it devices to designate their rank or order

  6. Collar(noun)

    a ringlike part of a mollusk in connection with esophagus

  7. Collar(noun)

    a colored ring round the neck of a bird or mammal

  8. Collar(noun)

    a ring or round flange upon, surrounding, or against an object, and used for restraining motion within given limits, or for holding something to its place, or for hiding an opening around an object; as, a collar on a shaft, used to prevent endwise motion of the shaft; a collar surrounding a stovepipe at the place where it enters a wall. The flanges of a piston and the gland of a stuffing box are sometimes called collars

  9. Collar(noun)

    an eye formed in the bight or bend of a shroud or stay to go over the masthead; also, a rope to which certain parts of rigging, as dead-eyes, are secured

  10. Collar(noun)

    a curb, or a horizontal timbering, around the mouth of a shaft

  11. Collar(verb)

    to seize by the collar

  12. Collar(verb)

    to put a collar on


  1. Collar

    In clothing, a collar is the part of a shirt, dress, coat or blouse that fastens around or frames the neck. Among clothing construction professionals, a collar is differentiated from other necklines such as revers and lapels, by being made from a separate piece of fabric, rather than a folded or cut part of the same piece of fabric used for the main body of the garment. A collar may be permanently attached to the main body of the garment or detachable.

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'collar' in Written Corpus Frequency: #4740

  2. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'collar' in Nouns Frequency: #2161

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the part of a garment at the neck especially of a shirt, jacket etc

This collar is too tight.

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