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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

clan•des•tineklænˈdɛs tɪn(adj.)

  1. held or done in secrecy or concealment, esp. for purposes of subversion or deception; stealthy or surreptitious:

    clandestine meetings.

Origin of clandestine:

1560–70; < L clandestīnus, der. of *clande,*clamde, var. of clam secretly




  1. clandestinity(Noun)

    The quality or state of being clandestine.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Clandestinity(noun)

    privacy or secrecy


  1. Clandestinity

    Clandestinity is a diriment impediment in the canon law of the Roman Catholic Church. It requires the presence of witnesses to the marriage vows, one of which must be a priest or a deacon, in order for the marriage to be valid. It was promulgated in the 16th century by the Council of Trent in the decree called Tametsi. Prior to that time, an unwitnessed exchange of marriage vows was deplored but valid. The decree was enforced only in those regions where it could be proclaimed in the vernacular. The witnesses must be the parish priest or another priest, with permission either from the parish priest or the local ordinary, and the other two witnesses must be capable of giving witness to the marriage vows. It was later modified by the decree Ne Temere, to require specific priests, such as the local pastor of the couple's residence. Further modifications provided that the priest was not necessary if one of the marrying parties was in danger of death or if the vows could not be exchanged before a priest in a reasonable amount of time.


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