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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

civ•etˈsɪv ɪt(n.)

  1. Also called civ′et cat`. any of several catlike carnivores of the family Viverridae, esp. of the genera Viverra of the Orient and Civettictis of Africa.

    Category: Mammals

  2. a musky secretion of civets, used in perfumery.

Origin of civet:

1525–35; < MF civette < Catalan civetta蠐 Ar zabād civet perfume


Princeton's WordNet

  1. civet, civet cat(noun)

    cat-like mammal typically secreting musk used in perfumes


  1. civet(Noun)

    A carnivorous catlike animal that produces a musky secretion. It is two to three feet long, with black bands and spots on the body and tail.

  2. civet(Noun)

    The musky perfume produced by the animal.

  3. Origin: From civette, from زباد.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Civet(noun)

    a substance, of the consistence of butter or honey, taken from glands in the anal pouch of the civet (Viverra civetta). It is of clear yellowish or brownish color, of a strong, musky odor, offensive when undiluted, but agreeable when a small portion is mixed with another substance. It is used as a perfume

  2. Civet(noun)

    the animal that produces civet (Viverra civetta); -- called also civet cat. It is carnivorous, from two to three feet long, and of a brownish gray color, with transverse black bands and spots on the body and tail. It is a native of northern Africa and of Asia. The name is also applied to other species

  3. Civet(verb)

    to scent or perfume with civet


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