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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

cir•cum•stanceˈsɜr kəmˌstæns; esp. Brit. -stəns(n.; v.)-stanced, -stanc•ing.

  1. (n.)a condition or attribute that accompanies, determines, or modifies a fact or event; an accessory or influencing factor.

  2. Usu., circumstances. the existing conditions or state of affairs surrounding and affecting an agent:

    Circumstances permitting, we sail on Monday.

  3. circumstances, the condition or state of a person with respect to income and material welfare:

    a family in reduced circumstances.

  4. an incident or occurrence:

    His arrival was a fortunate circumstance.

  5. detailed or circuitous narration.

  6. ceremonious accompaniment or display:

    pomp and circumstance.

  7. (v.t.)to place in particular circumstances or relations.

  8. Obs. to furnish with details. to control or guide by circumstances.

Idioms for circumstance:

  1. under or in the circumstances,because of prevailing conditions.

    Category: Idiom

  2. under no circumstances,never, regardless of events or conditions.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of circumstance:

1175–1225; ME < L circumstantia <circumstant-, s. of circumstāns, prp. of circumstāre to stand round (circum-circum - +stāre to stand )

Princeton's WordNet

  1. circumstance(noun)

    a condition that accompanies or influences some event or activity

  2. context, circumstance, setting(noun)

    the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event

    "the historical context"

  3. circumstance, condition, consideration(noun)

    information that should be kept in mind when making a decision

    "another consideration is the time it would take"

  4. circumstance(noun)

    formal ceremony about important occasions

    "pomp and circumstance"


  1. circumstance(Noun)

    That which attends, or relates to, or in some way affects, a fact or event; an attendant thing or state of things.

  2. circumstance(Noun)

    An event; a fact; a particular incident.

  3. circumstance(Noun)

    Circumlocution; detail.

  4. circumstance(Noun)

    Condition in regard to worldly estate; state of property; situation; surroundings.

  5. circumstance(Verb)

    To place in a particular situation, especially with regard to money or other resources.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Circumstance(noun)

    that which attends, or relates to, or in some way affects, a fact or event; an attendant thing or state of things

  2. Circumstance(noun)

    an event; a fact; a particular incident

  3. Circumstance(noun)

    circumlocution; detail

  4. Circumstance(noun)

    condition in regard to worldly estate; state of property; situation; surroundings

  5. Circumstance(verb)

    to place in a particular situation; to supply relative incidents


  1. Circumstance

    "Circumstance" is an allegorical short story written by American author Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford as a periodical in The Atlantic Monthly in 1860. The story takes place in the woods of Maine following an unnamed protagonist who travels to return to home after caring for a sick neighbor. She ventures into the woods where she comes in contact with the Indian Devil who assaults her throughout the story but in this life/death situation she realizes her reality and religion and comes to terms with her life, sexuality and fears. By the end of the story, her husband shoots the Devil with his shotgun in one hand and their baby in the other while the 'true Indian Devils' destroy their home and town.

The Roycroft Dictionary

  1. circumstance

    1. The fresh banana-peel just around the corner. 2. _Ex-post-facto_ knowledge of a series of incidents, episodes and laws which, had we known before doing something that we should not have done anyhow, we would have done otherwise, in the same way, or not at all. 3. The Shadowy Iago that follows us up and down life's promenades. 4. Man Friday to Chance.

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'circumstance' in Nouns Frequency: #403

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a condition (time, place etc) connected with an event

In the circumstances, I don't see what else I could have done.

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