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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

cen•tralˈsɛn trəl(adj.)

  1. of or forming the center.

  2. in, at, or near the center:

    a central position.

  3. constituting something from which other related things proceed or upon which they depend:

    a central office.

  4. principal; chief; dominant.

  5. of or pertaining to the central nervous system.

    Category: Zoology, Anatomy

  6. (of a vowel) articulated with the tongue approximately midway between the front and back of the mouth, as the vowel (u) of


    Category: Phonetics

  7. (n.)(formerly) a main telephone exchange. a telephone operator at such an exchange.

    Category: Telegraphy and Telephony

Origin of central:

1640–50; < L centrālis=centr(um)center+-ālis -al1


Cen•tralˈsɛn trəl(n.)

  1. a region in central Scotland. 273,400. 1016 sq. mi. (2631 sq. km).

    Category: Geography (places)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. centrally(adverb)

    in or near or toward a center or according to a central role or function

    "The theater is centrally located"


  1. centrally(Adverb)

    In a central manner or situation; at, to, through or from the centre.

  2. Origin: From central + -ly

Webster Dictionary

  1. Centrally(adverb)

    in a central manner or situation

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centrally situated.

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