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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

caus•a•tiveˈkɔ zə tɪv(adj.)

  1. acting as a cause; producing (often fol. by of):

    a causative agent.

  2. expressing causation, as the verb fell“to cause to fall” or the suffix -en in sharpen“to cause to become sharp.”

    Category: Grammar

  3. (n.)a word or form expressing causation.

    Category: Grammar

Origin of causative:

1375–1425; late ME < L


Princeton's WordNet

  1. causative(adj)

    producing an effect

    "poverty as a causative factor in crime"


  1. causative(Noun)

    An expression of an agent causing or forcing a patient to perform an action (or to be in a certain condition).

  2. causative(Adjective)

    Acting as a cause.

  3. Origin: From causativus, from causa; see cause.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Causative(adj)

    effective, as a cause or agent; causing

  2. Causative(adj)

    expressing a cause or reason; causal; as, the ablative is a causative case

  3. Causative(noun)

    a word which expresses or suggests a cause


  1. Causative

    In linguistics, a causative is a form that indicates that a subject causes someone or something else to do or be something, or causes a change in state of a non-volitional event. All languages have ways to express causation, but differ in the means. Some languages have morphological devices that change verbs into their causative forms, or adjectives into verbs of becoming. Other languages employ periphrasis, with idiomatic expressions or auxiliary verbs. All languages also have lexical causative forms.


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