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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

cal•lousˈkæl əs(adj.)

  1. made hard; hardened.

  2. insensitive; indifferent; unsympathetic.

  3. having a callus; indurated, as parts of the skin exposed to friction.

    Category: Pathology

  4. (v.i.)to make or become hard or callous.

    Category: Pathology

Origin of callous:

1375–1425; late ME < L callōsus hard-skinned, tough


Princeton's WordNet

  1. callous, indurate, pachydermatous(adj)

    emotionally hardened

    "a callous indifference to suffering"; "cold-blooded and indurate to public opinion"

  2. calloused, callous, thickened(verb)

    having calluses; having skin made tough and thick through wear

    "calloused skin"; "with a workman's callous hands"

  3. callous, cauterize, cauterise(verb)

    make insensitive or callous; deaden feelings or morals


  1. callous(Adjective)

    Emotionally hardened; unfeeling and indifferent to the suffering/feelings of others.

    She was so callous that she could criticise a cancer patient for wearing a wig.

  2. callous(Adjective)

    Having calluses.

  3. Origin: From callosus, from callum + -osus.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Callous(adj)

    hardened; indurated

  2. Callous(adj)

    hardened in mind; insensible; unfeeling; unsusceptible

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


unfeeling; cruel

a callous person/attack.

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