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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

cac•o•dylˈkæk ə dɪl(n.)

  1. a foul-smelling, poisonous oil, C4H12As2, that undergoes spontaneous combustion in dry air.

    Category: Chemistry

Origin of cacodyl:

1840–50; < Gk

Princeton's WordNet

  1. cacodyl, tetramethyldiarsine(noun)

    a poisonous oily liquid with a garlicky odor composed of 2 cacodyl groups; undergoes spontaneous combustion in dry air

  2. cacodyl, cacodyl group, cacodyl radical, arsenic group(noun)

    the univalent group derived from arsine


  1. cacodyl(Noun)

    The dimethylarsine radical (CH)As-

  2. cacodyl(Noun)

    tetramethyldiarsine formally derived from two of these radicals; an evil-smelling liquid that spontaneously combusts in air

  3. Origin: κακώδης

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cacodyl(noun)

    alkarsin; a colorless, poisonous, arsenical liquid, As2(CH3)4, spontaneously inflammable and possessing an intensely disagreeable odor. It is the type of a series of compounds analogous to the nitrogen compounds called hydrazines


  1. Cacodyl

    Cacodyl, dicacodyl, tetramethyldiarsine, alkarsine or minor part of the "Cadet's fuming liquid" (CH3)2As—As(CH3)2 is a poisonous oily liquid with a garlicky odor. Cacodyl undergoes spontaneous combustion in dry air.


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