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Princeton's WordNet

  1. brittle, toffee, toffy(adj)

    caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets

  2. brittle, brickle, brickly(adj)

    having little elasticity; hence easily cracked or fractured or snapped

    "brittle bones"; "glass is brittle"; "`brickle' and `brickly' are dialectal"

  3. brittle(adj)

    lacking warmth and generosity of spirit

    "a brittle and calculating woman"

  4. brittle, unannealed(adj)

    (of metal or glass) not annealed and consequently easily cracked or fractured


  1. brittle(Noun)

    (Mass Noun) A confection of caramelized sugar and nuts.

  2. brittle(Noun)

    (Mass Noun) Anything resembling this confection, such as flapjack, a cereal bar, etc.

  3. brittle(Adjective)

    Inflexible, liable to break or snap easily under stress or pressure.

  4. brittle(Adjective)

    Not physically tough or tenacious; apt to break or crumble when bending.

  5. brittle(Adjective)

    Said of rocks and minerals with a conchoidal fracture; capable of being knapped or flaked.

  6. brittle(Adjective)

    Emotionally fragile, easily offended.

  7. brittle(Adjective)

    Diabetes that is characterized by dramatic swings in blood sugar level.

  8. Origin: From britel, brutel, brotel, from *, equivalent to . More at brit.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Brittle(adj)

    easily broken; apt to break; fragile; not tough or tenacious

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. brittle

    Said of software that is functional but easily broken by changes in operating environment or configuration, or by any minor tweak to the software itself. Also, any system that responds inappropriately and disastrously to abnormal but expected external stimuli; e.g., a file system that is usually totally scrambled by a power failure is said to be brittle. This term is often used to describe the results of a research effort that were never intended to be robust, but it can be applied to commercial software, which (due to closed-source development) displays the quality far more often than it ought to. Oppose robust.


  1. Brittleness

    A material is brittle if, when subjected to stress, it breaks without significant deformation. Brittle materials absorb relatively little energy prior to fracture, even those of high strength. Breaking is often accompanied by a snapping sound. Brittle materials include most ceramics and glasses and some polymers, such as PMMA and polystyrene. Many steels become brittle at low temperatures, depending on their composition and processing. When used in materials science, it is generally applied to materials that fail when there is little or no evidence of plastic deformation before failure. One proof is to match the broken halves, which should fit exactly since no plastic deformation has occurred. When a material has reached the limit of its strength, it usually has the option of either deformation or fracture. A naturally malleable metal can be made stronger by impeding the mechanisms of plastic deformation, but if this is taken to an extreme, fracture becomes the more likely outcome, and the material can become brittle. Improving material toughness is therefore a balancing act.

Anagrams of brittle »

  1. blitter, triblet

Translations for brittle

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • обидчив, чуплив, крехък, чувствителен, трошливBulgarian
  • fràgil, trencadísCatalan, Valencian
  • přecitlivělý, lámavý, křehký, citlivýCzech
  • skøreDanish
  • mürbe, bröckelig, kühl, spröde, morsch, brüchig, Krokant, reizbarGerman
  • frágil, friable, quebradizo, crocanteSpanish
  • hauras, krokantti, herkkätunteinen, herkkä, haperoFinnish
  • fragile, croquantFrench
  • so-vrisheyManx
  • grillázsHungarian
  • brothættIcelandic
  • fragileItalian
  • kōtihetihe, of timberMāori
  • bros, breekbaarDutch
  • sprøNorwegian
  • kruchyPolish
  • хрупкий, чувствительный, ломкий, обидчивый, беззащитный, уязвимыйRussian

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