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Princeton's WordNet

  1. body language(noun)

    communication via the movements or attitudes of the body


  1. body language(Noun)

    Nonverbal communication by means of facial expressions, eye behavior, gestures, posture, and the like; often thought to be involuntary.

  2. body language(Noun)

    Deliberate, usually culturally influenced, nonverbal communication using the body through facial expressions, gestures, dance, mime, etc.


  1. Body language

    Body language is a form of mental and physical ability of human non-verbal communication, consisting of body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements. Humans send and interpret such signals almost entirely subconsciously. James Borg states that human communication consists of 93 percent body language and paralinguistic cues, while only 7% of communication consists of words themselves; however, Albert Mehrabian, the researcher whose 1960s work is the source of these statistics, has stated that this is a misunderstanding of the findings. Body language may provide clues as to the attitude or state of mind of a person. For example, it may indicate aggression, attentiveness, boredom, relaxed state, pleasure, amusement, and intoxication. Body language is significant to communication and relationships. It is relevant to management and leadership in business and also in places where it can be observed by many people. It can also be relevant to some outside of the workplace. It is commonly helpful in dating, mating, in family settings, and parenting. Although body language is non-verbal or non-spoken, it can reveal a lot about your feelings and meaning to others and also how other others reveal their feelings toward you. Body language signals happen on a conscious and unconscious level.

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    The numerical value of body language in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

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    The numerical value of body language in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Eric Goulard:

    Humankind suffer their emotion. We can not hide them. In Body Language secrets are revealed.

  2. Sunny Hostin:

    Body language is significant in a case like this. Juries watch everything that is happening from the lawyers to the defendant's demeanor.

  3. Phillip McGraw:

    Facial expression, body language and reactions to different questions or subject matters are all available for an attentive virtual therapist.

  4. Jeff Kingston:

    I think Abe is feeling a lot more confident and strong, and when you see the body language of Abe and his key ministers, they are confident. These are not people filled with doubts. They are not worried about public opinion. They think things are going according to plan and going their way.

  5. Benjamin Horton:

    People started screaming and I could hear the trampling of a large number of people coming down the terminal. By the looks on people's faces and the way that they were scattering it seemed to me that people were trying to get away from a shooter by the body language and the way that some were hiding and others were running.

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