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Princeton's WordNet

  1. blight(noun)

    a state or condition being blighted

  2. blight(verb)

    any plant disease resulting in withering without rotting

  3. blight, plague(verb)

    cause to suffer a blight

    "Too much rain may blight the garden with mold"


  1. blight(Noun)

    any of many plant diseases causing damage to, or the death of, leaves, fruit or other parts

  2. blight(Noun)

    the bacterium, virus or fungus that causes such a condition

  3. blight(Noun)

    anything that impedes growth or development or spoils any other aspect of life

  4. blight(Verb)

    to suffer blight

  5. blight(Verb)

    to cause to suffer blight

  6. blight(Verb)

    to spoil or ruin (something)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Blight(verb)

    to affect with blight; to blast; to prevent the growth and fertility of

  2. Blight(verb)

    hence: To destroy the happiness of; to ruin; to mar essentially; to frustrate; as, to blight one's prospects

  3. Blight(verb)

    to be affected by blight; to blast; as, this vine never blights

  4. Blight(noun)

    mildew; decay; anything nipping or blasting; -- applied as a general name to various injuries or diseases of plants, causing the whole or a part to wither, whether occasioned by insects, fungi, or atmospheric influences

  5. Blight(noun)

    the act of blighting, or the state of being blighted; a withering or mildewing, or a stoppage of growth in the whole or a part of a plant, etc

  6. Blight(noun)

    that which frustrates one's plans or withers one's hopes; that which impairs or destroys

  7. Blight(noun)

    a downy species of aphis, or plant louse, destructive to fruit trees, infesting both the roots and branches; -- also applied to several other injurious insects

  8. Blight(noun)

    a rashlike eruption on the human skin


  1. Blight

    Blight refers to a specific symptom affecting plants in response to infection by a pathogenic organism. It is simply a rapid and complete chlorosis, browning, then death of plant tissues such as leaves, branches, twigs, or floral organs. Accordingly, many diseases that primarily exhibit this symptom are called blights. Several notable examples are: ⁕Late blight of potato, caused by the water mold Phytophthora infestans de Bary, the disease which led to the Great Irish Famine ⁕Southern corn leaf blight, caused by the fungus Cochliobolus heterostrophus Drechs, anamorph Bipolaris maydis Shoemaker, incited a severe loss of corn in the United States in 1970. ⁕Chestnut blight, caused by the fungus Cryphonectria parasitica Barr, has nearly completely eradicated mature American chestnuts in North America. ⁕Fire blight of pome fruits, caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora Winslow et al., is the most severe disease of pear and also is found in apple and raspberry, among others. ⁕Bacterial leaf blight of rice, caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas oryzae Dowson. ⁕Early blight of potato and tomato, caused by species of the ubiquitous fungal genus Alternaria

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Translations for blight

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  • повреждам, вредител, разстройвам, развалям, главня, ръждаBulgarian
  • verderben, vernichten, zerstören, beschädigen, ruinierenGerman
  • pilata, turmella, vitsausFinnish
  • abîmer, rouille, cloque, abîmé, fléauFrench
  • gaiseadhScottish Gaelic
  • rovinare, rovinaItalian
  • mahaki, paraitiMāori
  • pacosteRomanian
  • милдью, вредитель, ожогRussian
  • తెగులుTelugu

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