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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

blem•ish*ˈblɛm ɪʃ(v.t.)

  1. to destroy or diminish the perfection of; mar; sully.

    Category: Pathology, Common Vocabulary

  2. (n.)a mark that detracts from appearance, as a pimple or a scar.

    Category: Pathology, Common Vocabulary

  3. a defect or flaw; stain; blight:

    a blemish on one's record.

    Category: Pathology, Common Vocabulary

* Syn: See defect.

Origin of blemish:

1275–1325; ME < AF, MF blemiss-, long s. of ble(s)mir to make livid; see blaze2


Princeton's WordNet

  1. blemish, defect, mar(verb)

    a mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something (especially on a person's body)

    "a facial blemish"

  2. deface, disfigure, blemish(verb)

    mar or spoil the appearance of

    "scars defaced her cheeks"; "The vandals disfigured the statue"

  3. blemish, spot(verb)

    mar or impair with a flaw

    "her face was blemished"

  4. flaw, blemish(verb)

    add a flaw or blemish to; make imperfect or defective


  1. blemish(Noun)

    A small flaw which spoils the appearance of something.

    uncountable blemishes on his skin.

  2. blemish(Noun)

    A moral defect.

  3. blemish(Verb)

    To spoil the appearance of.

  4. Origin: From blesmir.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Blemish(verb)

    to mark with deformity; to injure or impair, as anything which is well formed, or excellent; to mar, or make defective, either the body or mind

  2. Blemish(verb)

    to tarnish, as reputation or character; to defame

  3. Blemish(noun)

    any mark of deformity or injury, whether physical or moral; anything that diminishes beauty, or renders imperfect that which is otherwise well formed; that which impairs reputation

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a stain, mark or fault

a blemish on an apple.

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