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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a provincial governor in the Ottoman Empire.

    Category: Western History

  2. (formerly) a title of respect for Turkish dignitaries.

    Category: Western History

  3. (formerly) the title of the native ruler of Tunis or Tunisia.

    Category: Western History

Origin of bey:

1590–1600; < Turkish, by-form of earlier beg subordinate chief, head of a clan

Princeton's WordNet

  1. bey(noun)

    (formerly) a title of respect for a man in Turkey or Egypt

    "he introduced me to Ahmet Bey"

  2. bey(noun)

    the governor of a district or province in the Ottoman Empire


  1. bey(Noun)

    A governor of a province or district in the Turkish dominions; also, in some places, a prince or nobleman; a beg.

  2. Origin: From bey (“gentleman, chief”), from bég (“head of a clan, subordinate chief”)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Bey(noun)

    a governor of a province or district in the Turkish dominions; also, in some places, a prince or nobleman; a beg; as, the bey of Tunis


  1. Bey

    Bey is a title for chieftain, traditionally applied to the leaders of small tribal groups. According to some sources, the word "Bey" is of Turkish language In historical accounts, many Turkish, other Turkic and Persian leaders are titled Bey, Beg, Bek, Bai, Bay, Baj, Baig or Beigh. They are all the same word with the simple meaning of "lord". The regions or provinces where beys ruled or which they administered were called beylik, roughly meaning "emirate" or "principality" in the first case, "province" or "governorate" in the second. Today, the word is still used informally as a social title for men. Unlike "mister" however, it follows the name and is used generally with first names and not with last names.

Anagrams of bey

  1. bye, 'bye

  2. bye


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