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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

bag•a•telleˌbæg əˈtɛl(n.)

  1. something of little value or importance; a trifle.

  2. a game similar to billiards played on a board with holes on one end.

    Category: Games

  3. a short and light musical composition.

    Category: Music and Dance

Origin of bagatelle:

1630–40; < F < Upper It bagat(t)ella, der. of bagatta small possession

Princeton's WordNet

  1. bagatelle(noun)

    a light piece of music for piano

  2. bagatelle, fluff, frippery, frivolity(noun)

    something of little value or significance

  3. bagatelle, bar billiards(noun)

    a table game in which short cues are used to knock balls into holes that are guarded by wooden pegs; penalties are incurred if the pegs are knocked over


  1. bagatelle(Noun)

    A trifle; an unsubstantial thing.

  2. bagatelle(Noun)

    A short piece of literature or of instrumental music, typically light or playful in character.

  3. bagatelle(Noun)

    A game similar to billiards played on an oblong table with pockets or arches at one end only.

  4. bagatelle(Noun)

    Any of several smaller, wooden table top games developed from the original bagatelle in which the pockets are made of pins; also called pin bagatelle, hit-a-pin bagatelle, jaw ball.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Bagatelle(noun)

    a trifle; a thing of no importance

  2. Bagatelle(noun)

    a game played on an oblong board, having, at one end, cups or arches into or through which balls are to be driven by a rod held in the hand of the player


  1. Bagatelle

    Bagatelle is a billiards-derived indoor table game, the object of which is to get a number of balls past wooden pins into holes. It probably developed from the table made with raised sides for trou madame, which was also played with ivory balls and continued to be popular into the later nineteenth century. A bagatelle variant using fixed metal pins, billard Japonais, eventually led to the development of pinball and pachinko. Bagatelle is also laterally related to miniature golf.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


anything of very little value

$100 is a trifle when one is very rich.

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