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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

am•i•ca•bleˈæm ɪ kə bəl(adj.)

  1. marked by goodwill; friendly; peaceable.

Origin of amicable:

1425–75; late ME < LL amīcābilis= L amīc(us) friend, friendly +-ābilis -able


Princeton's WordNet

  1. amicable(adj)

    characterized by friendship and good will


  1. amicable(Adjective)

    Showing friendliness or goodwill.

  2. Origin: From amicabilis; see amiable.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Amicable(adj)

    friendly; proceeding from, or exhibiting, friendliness; after the manner of friends; peaceable; as, an amicable disposition, or arrangement

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The dispute was finally settled in a very amicable manner.

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