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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

am•bleˈæm bəl(v.; n.)-bled, -bling

  1. (v.i.)to go at a slow, easy pace; stroll; saunter.

  2. (of a horse) to go at a slow pace with the legs moving in lateral pairs and usu. having a four-beat rhythm.

  3. (n.)an ambling gait.

  4. a slow, easy walk or gentle pace.

Origin of amble:

1350–1400; ME < MF ambler < L ambulāre to walk =amb-ambi - +-ulāre to step (< *el-, c. Welsh el- may go)


Princeton's WordNet

  1. amble, promenade, saunter, stroll, perambulation(verb)

    a leisurely walk (usually in some public place)

  2. amble, mosey(verb)

    walk leisurely


  1. amble(Noun)

    An unhurried leisurely walk or stroll.

  2. amble(Noun)

    An easy gait, especially that of a horse (as above).

  3. amble(Verb)

    To stroll or walk slowly and leisurely.

  4. amble(Verb)

    Of a horse: to move along by using both legs on one side, and then the other.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Amble(verb)

    to go at the easy gait called an amble; -- applied to the horse or to its rider

  2. Amble(verb)

    to move somewhat like an ambling horse; to go easily or without hard shocks

  3. Amble(noun)

    a peculiar gait of a horse, in which both legs on the same side are moved at the same time, alternating with the legs on the other side

  4. Amble(noun)

    a movement like the amble of a horse


  1. Amble

    Amble is a town, civil parish and seaport on the North Sea coast, in Northumberland, England. It lies at the mouth of the River Coquet, and the nearby Coquet Island is visible from its beaches and harbour. The civil parish is called Amble by the Sea, and as of 2001 had a population of 6,044.

Anagrams of amble

  1. melba

  2. Mabel

  3. Mable

  4. blame

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to walk without hurrying

We were ambling along enjoying the scenery.

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