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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

al•might•yɔlˈmaɪ ti(adj.)

  1. having unlimited power; omnipotent, as God.

  2. having very great power, influence, etc.:

    the almighty press.

  3. Informal. extreme; terrible:

    He's in an almighty fix.

    Category: Informal

  4. (adv.)Informal. extremely:

    It's almighty hot.

    Category: Informal

  5. (n.)the Almighty, God.

Origin of almighty:

bef. 900


Princeton's WordNet

  1. Godhead, Lord, Creator, Maker, Divine, God Almighty, Almighty, Jehovah(adj)

    terms referring to the Judeo-Christian God

  2. almighty, all-powerful, omnipotent(adj)

    having unlimited power


  1. almighty(Adjective)

    Unlimited in might; omnipotent; all-powerful; irresistible.

    I am the Almighty God. --Gen. xvii. 1.

  2. almighty(Adjective)

    Great; extreme; terrible.

    The almighty press condemned him without trial

  3. almighty(Adjective)

    Having very great power, influence, etc.

    The almighty press condemned him without trial

  4. Almighty(ProperNoun)

    God, the supreme being.

    The Almighty has smiled on us and blessed with good fortune.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Almighty(adj)

    unlimited in might; omnipotent; all-powerful; irresistible

  2. Almighty(adj)

    great; extreme; terrible

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


having complete power; very great

almighty God.

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