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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ab•so•luteˈæb səˌlut, ˌæb səˈlut(adj.)

  1. being fully or perfectly as indicated; complete; perfect.

  2. free from restriction, limitation, or exception:

    absolute power; absolute freedom.

  3. outright; unqualified:

    an absolute lie; an absolute denial.

  4. unrestrained in the exercise of governmental power; not limited by laws or a constitution:

    an absolute monarchy.

    Category: Government

  5. viewed independently; not comparative or relative; ultimate:

    absolute knowledge.

  6. positive; certain; definite:

    absolute in opinion; absolute proof.

  7. not mixed or adulterated; pure.

  8. relatively independent syntactically in relation to other elements in a sentence, as the construction It being Sunday in (of a usu. transitive verb) used without an object, as give in (of an adjective or possessive pronoun) used alone, with the noun that is modified understood but not expressed, as hungry in to feed the hungry or mine in

    It being Sunday, I wasn't at work.

    Please give generously.

    Take mine.

    Category: Grammar

  9. Physics. independent of arbitrary standards or of particular properties of substances or systems: pertaining to a system of units, as the centimeter-gram-second system, based on some primary units, esp. units of length, mass, and time. pertaining to a measurement based on an absolute zero or unit, as in the absolute temperature scale.

    absolute humidity.

    Category: Physics

  10. Math. (of an inequality) indicating that the expression is true for all values of the variable, as x2+ 1 > 0 for all real numbers


    Category: Math

  11. (n.)something that is not dependent upon external conditions for existence or for its specific nature, size, etc.

    Ref: (opposed to relative ).

  12. the absolute, something that is free from any restriction or condition. something that is independent of some or all relations. something that is perfect or complete.

Origin of absolute:

1350–1400; ME < L absolūtus complete, finished, unqualified, ptp. of absolvere to release; see absolve


Princeton's WordNet

  1. starkness, absoluteness, utterness(noun)

    the quality of being complete or utter or extreme

    "the starkness of his contrast between justice and fairness was open to many objections"

  2. absoluteness(noun)

    the quality of being absolute

    "the absoluteness of the pope's decree could not be challenged"


  1. absoluteness(Noun)

    The fact of being finished or perfected; completeness.

  2. absoluteness(Noun)

    Absolute authority, unlimited power; despotism.

  3. absoluteness(Noun)

    The fact of being without qualifications or conditions; certainty, unconditionality.

  4. absoluteness(Noun)

    Independent autonomy.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Absoluteness(noun)

    the quality of being absolute; independence of everything extraneous; unlimitedness; absolute power; independent reality; positiveness


  1. Absoluteness

    In mathematical logic, a formula is said to be absolute if it has the same truth value in each of some class of structures. Theorems about absoluteness typically establish relationships between the absoluteness of formulas and their syntactic form. There are two weaker forms of partial absoluteness. If the truth of a formula in each substructure N of a structure M follows from its truth in M, the formula is downward absolute. If the truth of a formula in a structure N implies its truth in each structure M extending N, the formula is upward absolute. Issues of absoluteness are particularly important in set theory and model theory, fields where multiple structures are considered simultaneously. In model theory, several basic results and definitions are motivated by absoluteness. In set theory, the issue of which properties of sets are absolute is well studied. The Shoenfield absoluteness theorem, due to Joseph Shoenfield, establishes the absoluteness of a large class of formulas between a model of set theory and its constructible universe, with important methodological consequences. The absoluteness of large cardinal axioms is also studied, with positive and negative results known.


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