Definitions for aboardəˈbɔrd, əˈboʊrd

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. aboard, on board(adverb)

    on a ship, train, plane or other vehicle

  2. aboard, on base(adverb)

    on first or second or third base

    "Their second homer with Bob Allison aboard"

  3. aboard, alongside(adverb)

    side by side

    "anchored close aboard another ship"

  4. aboard(adverb)

    part of a group

    "Bill's been aboard for three years now"


  1. aboard(Adverb)

    On board; into or within a ship or boat; hence, into or within a railway car.

    We all climbed aboard.

  2. aboard(Adverb)


    The ships came close aboard to pass messages.

  3. aboard(Adverb)

    On base.

    He doubled with two men aboard, scoring them both.

  4. aboard(Adverb)

    Astride; with one leg on each side.

  5. aboard(Preposition)

    On board of; as, to go aboard a ship.

    We all went aboard the ship.

  6. aboard(Preposition)

    Across; athwart.

    Nor iron bands aboard The Pontic Sea by their huge navy cast. - Edmund Spenser

  7. Origin: * First attested from late 14th century.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Aboard(adverb)

    on board; into or within a ship or boat; hence, into or within a railway car

  2. Aboard(adverb)

    alongside; as, close aboard

  3. Aboard

    on board of; as, to go aboard a ship

  4. Aboard

    across; athwart

Anagrams of aboard »

  1. abroad

  2. aborad

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