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  1. abet(verb)

    assist or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing

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  1. abet(Noun)

    An act of abetting; of helping; of giving aid.

  2. abet(Verb)

    To assist or encourage by aid or countenance, especially in crime.

  3. abet(Verb)

    To support, countenance, maintain, uphold, or aid any cause, opinion, or action; to maintain.

  4. abet(Verb)

    To support, uphold, or aid; to maintain.

  5. abet(Verb)

    To urge on, stimulate (a person to do something).

  6. abet(Verb)

    To back up one's forecast of a doubtful issue, by staking money, etc., to bet.

  7. Origin: * First attested in 1380.

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  1. Abet(verb)

    to instigate or encourage by aid or countenance; -- used in a bad sense of persons and acts; as, to abet an ill-doer; to abet one in his wicked courses; to abet vice; to abet an insurrection

  2. Abet(verb)

    to support, uphold, or aid; to maintain; -- in a good sense

  3. Abet(verb)

    to contribute, as an assistant or instigator, to the commission of an offense

  4. Abet(noun)

    act of abetting; aid

  5. Origin: [OF. abet, fr. abeter.]

Anagrams of abet »

  1. beta, Beta

  2. bate

  3. beat

  4. Beta

Translations for abet

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • съдействувам, подстрекавам, подбуждам, поощрявамBulgarian
  • helfen, anstiften, ermutigen, aufhetzen, stützenGerman
  • incitar, ayudarSpanish
  • همدستی کردنPersian
  • ylläpitää, avustaa, yllyttää, tukeaFinnish
  • encouragerFrench
  • adjutar, incitar, incorariarInterlingua
  • istigare, favoreggiare, sostenere, incoraggiareItalian
  • 煽動するJapanese
  • ondersteunen, ophitsen, aansporen, aanmoedigen, bijstaanDutch
  • ajudar, instigar, assistir, incitarPortuguese
  • подговаривать, поощрять, подстрекать, науськивать, поддерживать, содействовать, подбиватьRussian
  • bistå, understödjaSwedish
  • tiếp tay, xúi giục, xúi bẩy, khíchVietnamese
  • 助長Chinese

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