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A•be•na•kiˌæb əˈnæk i, ˌɑ bəˈnɑ ki(n.)(pl.)-kis; -ki.

also Abnaki

  1. a member of a grouping of American Indian peoples of S Quebec and Maine, earlier also of New Hampshire, and in some usages including peoples of the Maritime Provinces.

    Category: Peoples

  2. any of the Eastern Algonquian languages of the Abenaki peoples.

    Category: Peoples


  1. Abenaki(ProperNoun)

    A complex of dialects of one of the Eastern Algonquian languages, originally spoken in what is now Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Quebec.

  2. Abenaki(ProperNoun)

    The Eastern Abenaki (Penobscot) or especially the Western Abenaki language.

  3. Abenaki(ProperNoun)

    A member of an Algonquian First People from northeastern North America (the Abenakis).


  1. Abenaki

    The Abenaki are a tribe of Native American and First Nations people, one of the Algonquian-speaking peoples of northeastern North America. The Abenaki live in the New England region of the United States and Quebec and the Maritimes of Canada, a region called Wabanaki in the Eastern Algonquian languages. The Abenaki are one of the five members of the Wabanaki Confederacy. "Abenaki" is a linguistic and geographic grouping; historically there was not a strong central authority, but as listed below a large number of smaller bands and tribes who shared many cultural traits.

Anagrams of abenaki

  1. in a bake

  2. ikebana


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