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  1. abbreviation(noun)

    a shortened form of a word or phrase

  2. abbreviation(noun)

    shortening something by omitting parts of it

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  1. abbreviation(Noun)

    A shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase, used to represent the whole: Dr.

  2. abbreviation(Noun)

    The act or result of shortening or reducing.

  3. abbreviation(Noun)

    One or more dashes through the stem of a note, dividing it respectively into quavers, semiquavers, demisemiquavers, or hemidemisemiquavers.

  4. abbreviation(Noun)

    A notation used in music score to denote a direction, as pp or mf.

  5. abbreviation(Noun)

    Any convenient spoken or written short form for an understood or inferred whole.

  6. abbreviation(Noun)

    Reduction to lower terms, as a fraction.

  7. abbreviation(Noun)

    Loss during evolution of the final stages of the ancestral ontogenetic pattern.

  8. Origin: * First attested 1400–50.

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  1. Abbreviation(noun)

    the act of shortening, or reducing

  2. Abbreviation(noun)

    the result of abbreviating; an abridgment

  3. Abbreviation(noun)

    the form to which a word or phrase is reduced by contraction and omission; a letter or letters, standing for a word or phrase of which they are a part; as, Gen. for Genesis; U.S.A. for United States of America

  4. Abbreviation(noun)

    one dash, or more, through the stem of a note, dividing it respectively into quavers, semiquavers, or demi-semiquavers

  5. Origin: [LL. abbreviatio: cf. F. abbrviation.]

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  1. Abbreviation

    An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase. Usually, but not always, it consists of a letter or group of letters taken from the word or phrase. For example, the word abbreviation can itself be represented by the abbreviation abbr., abbrv. or abbrev. In strict analysis, abbreviations should not be confused with contractions or acronyms, with which they share some semantic and phonetic functions, though all three are connoted by the term "abbreviation" in loose parlance.An abbreviation is a shortening by any method; a contraction is a reduction of size by the drawing together of the parts. A contraction of a word is made by omitting certain letters or syllables and bringing together the first and last letters or elements; an abbreviation may be made by omitting certain portions from the interior or by cutting off a part. A contraction is an abbreviation, but an abbreviation is not necessarily a contraction. However, normally, acronyms are regarded as a subgroup of abbreviations. Abbreviations can also be used to give a different context to the word itself, such as "PIN Number".

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