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also wen, 2

  1. a character (ƿ) representing the sound (w) in Old English and early Middle English manuscripts, based on a rune with the same phonetic value.

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Origin of wynn:

bef. 1100; ME wen, OE wyn(n) lit., joy (see winsome , wish )


  1. wynn(Noun)

    a letter of the Old English alphabet, borrowed from the futhark and used to represent the sound of w; replaced in Middle English times by the digraph uu, which later developed into the letter w.

  2. Origin: wynn, from Common *wunjō, from wn-yeH₂, derived from *wen- ("desire").

Webster Dictionary

  1. Wynn(noun)

    a kind of timber truck, or carriage


  1. Wynn

    Wynn is a letter of the Old English alphabet, where it is used to represent the sound. While the earliest Old English texts represent this phoneme with the digraph , scribes soon borrowed the rune wynn for this purpose. It remained a standard letter throughout the Anglo-Saxon era, eventually falling out of use during the Middle English period, circa 1300. It was replaced with once again, from which the modern developed. The denotation of the rune is "joy, bliss" known from the Anglo-Saxon rune poem It is not continued in the Younger Futhark, but in the Gothic alphabet, the letter


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