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Princeton's WordNet

  1. wend(verb)

    direct one's course or way

    "wend your way through the crowds"


  1. wend(Verb)

    To turn; change.

  2. wend(Verb)

    To direct (one's way or course); pursue one's way; proceed upon some course or way.

    We wended our weary way westward.

  3. wend(Verb)

    To turn; make a turn; go round; veer.

  4. wend(Verb)

    To pass away; disappear; depart; vanish.

  5. Wend(Noun)

    a member of a Slavic people from the borders of Germany and Poland; a Sorb; a Kashub.

  6. Origin: From wenden, from wendan, from wandijanan, causative of windanan, from wendʰ-. Cognate with wenden, wenden, vende, vända, venda, Gothic 03450330033D0333033E0330033D. Related to wind.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Wend

    p. p. of Wene

  2. Wend(verb)

    to go; to pass; to betake one's self

  3. Wend(verb)

    to turn round

  4. Wend(verb)

    to direct; to betake; -- used chiefly in the phrase to wend one's way. Also used reflexively

  5. Wend(noun)

    a large extent of ground; a perambulation; a circuit

  6. Origin: [AS. wendan to turn, to go, caus. of windan to wind; akin to OS. wendian, OFries. wenda, D. wenden to turn, G. wenden, Icel. venda, Sw. vnda, Dan. vende, Goth. wandjan. See Wind to turn, and cf. Went.]


  1. WEND

    WEND, known as "106.5 The End", is an Alternative radio station based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Owned by Clear Channel Communications, the station broadcasts at 106.5 MHz with an ERP of 84 kW. The station is licensed to Salisbury and its transmitter is located just west of China Grove, NC. WEND's signal makes it into most of the Piedmont Triad region as well, providing city-grade coverage of Winston-Salem and a grade B signal to Greensboro. 106.5 The End generally plays New Rock And Alternative music throughout the day with local DJs in the afternoon and evening hours.


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