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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vol•a•tileˈvɒl ə tl, -tɪl; esp. Brit. -ˌtaɪl(adj.)

  1. evaporating rapidly; passing off readily in the form of vapor:

    Acetone is a volatile solvent.

    Category: Chemistry

  2. tending or threatening to break out into open violence; explosive:

    a volatile political situation.

  3. characterized by or liable to sharp or sudden changes; unstable:

    a volatile stock market.

  4. changeable, as in mood or temper; mercurial; flighty.

  5. fleeting; transient.

  6. (of computer storage) not retaining data when electrical power is turned off.

    Category: Computers

  7. Archaic. flying or able to fly.

  8. (n.)a volatile substance, as a gas or solvent.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Chemistry

Origin of volatile:

1250–1300; ME < L volātilis able to fly =volā(re) to fly +-tilis -tile

vol`a•til′i•ty-ˈtɪl ɪ ti(n.)vol′a•tile•ness

Princeton's WordNet

  1. volatility(noun)

    the property of changing readily from a solid or liquid to a vapor

  2. volatility, unpredictability(noun)

    the trait of being unpredictably irresolute

    "the volatility of the market drove many investors away"

  3. excitability, excitableness, volatility(noun)

    being easily excited


  1. volatility(Noun)

    The state of being volatile

Webster Dictionary

  1. Volatility(noun)

    quality or state of being volatile; disposition to evaporate; changeableness; fickleness


  1. Volatility

    In finance, volatility is a measure for variation of price of a financial instrument over time. Historic volatility is derived from time series of past market prices. An implied volatility is derived from the market price of a market traded derivative. The symbol σ is used for volatility, and corresponds to standard deviation, which should not be confused with the similarly named variance, which is instead the square, σ².


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