Definitions for Versatileˈvɜr sə tl; esp. Brit. -ˌtaɪl

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  1. versatile, various(adj)

    having great diversity or variety

    "his various achievements are impressive"; "his vast and versatile erudition"

  2. versatile(adj)

    changeable or inconstant

    "versatile moods"

  3. versatile(adj)

    competent in many areas and able to turn with ease from one thing to another

    "a versatile writer"

  4. versatile(adj)

    able to move freely in all directions

    "an owl's versatile toe can move backward and forward"; "an insect's versatile antennae can move up and down or laterally"; "a versatile anther of a flower moves freely in the wind"

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  1. versatile(Adjective)

    Capable of doing many things competently.

  2. versatile(Adjective)

    Having varied uses or many functions.

  3. versatile(Adjective)

    Changeable or inconstant.

  4. versatile(Adjective)

    Capable of moving freely in all directions.

  5. Origin: From versatilis, from versatus, past participle of verso, frequentative of verto.

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  1. Versatile(adj)

    capable of being turned round

  2. Versatile(adj)

    liable to be turned in opinion; changeable; variable; unsteady; inconstant; as versatile disposition

  3. Versatile(adj)

    turning with ease from one thing to another; readily applied to a new task, or to various subjects; many-sided; as, versatile genius; a versatile politician

  4. Versatile(adj)

    capable of turning; freely movable; as, a versatile anther, which is fixed at one point to the filament, and hence is very easily turned around; a versatile toe of a bird

  5. Origin: [L. versatilis, fr. versare to turn around, v. freq. of vertere: cf. F. versatile. See Verse.]

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  1. Versatile

    Versatile is a Canadian brand of agricultural equipment that has produced augers, swathers and combine harvester. In the 1970s, it was an independent operation, founded by Peter Pakosh and Roy Robinson, that had 70% of the 4WD tractor market and then was later owned by Ford and Fiat's New Holland, spun off when Case-International merged with New Holland to form CNH Global. Versatile was the first company to mass-produce articulated four-wheel drive tractors, starting in 1966 with the D100 and G100 four-wheel drives. Those ground-breaking tractors were primitive by modern standards, with a 6-cylinder diesel or 8-cylinder gas engine producing 100 horsepower. 1966 models sold for less than CA$10,000. Daniel Pakosh also developed the first bi-directional tractor in the world. The Versatile 150 launched in 1977. Four-wheel drive demand increased significantly, with Versatile becoming one of the leaders in four-wheel drive development and production. By the late 1970s the Versatile lineup included tractors ranging from 220 to 330 horsepower. With the 1980s came an expanded line of four-wheel drive tractors that stretched to 470 horsepower in the Versatile 1150. On November 1, 2007, Combine manufacturer Rostselmash Inc. acquired 80% of the common shares of Versatile and it was announced that the Versatile brand name will again be the sole name associated with the tractor division.

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  1. levirates

  2. relatives

Translations for Versatile

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  • versàtilCatalan, Valencian
  • bewandt, vielseitig, wandlungsfähig, versatil, beweglich, gewandt, wendigGerman
  • versátilSpanish
  • vaihteleva, monipuolinen, muuttuvainenFinnish
  • versatile, polyvalentFrench
  • so-hyndaaManx
  • sokoldalúHungarian
  • versatileItalian
  • pluriform, veelzijdig, veranderlijk, capricieus, handig, multiverseel, versatiel, wispelturigDutch
  • wszechstronny, wersatylny, wielofunkcyjny, uniwersalnyPolish
  • versatil, pivotant, multilateral, inconstantRomanian
  • разносторо́нний, многофункциона́льный, непостоя́нный, подви́жный, изме́нчивыйRussian
  • föränderlig, pigg, mångsidig, kvick, belevad, behändigSwedish
  • elinden her iş gelen, çok amaçlı, becerikli, değişkenTurkish

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